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To submit a review:

1. please go to the merchant's website from where you originally purchased the product;
2. look for the RateTrust.org verified customer reviews;
3. click the ADD REVIEW link at the bottom of the review list;
4. you will then be directed back to a page where you can submit your rating and review.

Review guidelines

Customers need the help of other customers to make smart buying decisions. Please share your opinions, both favorable and unfavorable.

Who can submit a review? Anyone who has purchased from the reviewed merchant can submit a customer rating and review.

Verification: In order for us to verify that you are an existing customer of the reviewed merchant, you must submit the following when adding your review:

your order number or receipt number;

your email address must be identical to the email address used during the purchase.

This information will be used for verification purposes only.

Tips for writing a review: The content of your review should be an honest evaluation of your experience with the merchant's products and services. When writing your review and issuing a star rating, please consider the needs of potential buyers.

Explain your reason: why did you like or dislike it?

Be concise and specific

Be honest: we welcome your honest opinion, no matter if positive or negative. We do not remove reviews because they are negative.

What's not allowed? Reviews that contain the following will not be accepted: profanities, obscene content, defamatory comments, promotion of illegal or immoral conduct, promotional content, advertisements, reviews written for compensation, phone numbers, email addresses, postal mailing addresses, and URLs. In addition, reviews that are off-topic will not be accepted.

Note that any reviews that don't meet our review guidelines will not be accepted. Also note that we limit your participation to one review per merchant.